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Fractional Ownership Property In Italy

Fractional or Collective ownership means that you share the full ownership of a property with other co-owners. This could be other members of your family or friends, but in most cases this will simply be other investors of the Collective Ownership Property. You own the building as if it were your own - just shared rather than the whole. This makes it as much an asset as a traditional purchase, but without the worries of property management when you are not there.

The ownership is defined, as with any other property, by the title deed. This is owned by a single entity such as a Limited Company. The shares in this entity are divided equally between the owners - which are referred to as fractions - typically 10 or 12 of them. This gives you the right to stay exclusively in your property for the corresponding part of the year - usually 4 or 5 weeks. As you own a share(s) in the company, you can of course sell your share whenever you want.

The property will be managed by a company established by the developer but funded by the Collective Owners who are free to choose who manages the property. Each fractional owner contributes to an annual maintenance fund. Good management is a key aspect of Collective Ownership.

Over many years Realpoint have built up a reputation for quality service in the sales of properties and we continue to provide this service in the Fractional / Collective Ownership world by ensuring we only deliver properties that meet our client's expectations.

Below you will find some background to the fractional ownership market, how it has come to fruition in Italy and discover one of the best properties we have seen - the Pinelli Estate.

History of Fractional Ownership

Mohogany bed at Pinelli EstateIn the US, fractional ownership has been around for over 20 years, and has been used for both condo-hotels, villas, but also for private jets and yachts. This makes a lot of sense - why have the hassle of full ownership with all the costs of maintenance when you only use something for a few weeks per year.

In Europe this concept has been slow to gain acceptance but in the last few years the interest has increased dramatically. Fractional or Collective ownership is the fastest growing segment of the property market and is rapidly catching on in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal, in fact throughout Europe. The association with timeshare is not justified - with timeshare you own nothing - you just have access to a property for a limited number of years. With a Collective Ownership Property you are a named shareholder of the company that owns the property. Your share can be sold at any point in the future of can be gifted in a will to family members.

In order to equitably manage a the property between owners, there have to be rules for sharing access to the property. This is invariably achieved using a rotating calendar so that you always get a fair share of both the peak seasons and off-peak seasons. Fractions can vary but the usual model is 1/10 or 1/12, which also allows for time each year for annual maintenance.

The Pinelli Residences

The Pinelli Residencies started off in Campania with the creation of Il Rifugio on an estate that extends to over 35 acres on rolling hillsides, at just over 300 metres elevation, facing the Cilento National Park and the Tyrrhenian Sea, with Capri and the Amalfi Coastline on the horizon. You can read more about it here: Pinelli Estate in Campania

The recent addition of Casa Tramonto has attracted many buyers - already 50% sold out within 2 months of launch.

Realpoint Property has been awarded the exclusive right to sell the the unique properties in the Pinelli Residences portfolio. Visit our property web pages for more details (below) for the latest information about these unique properties and how you can secure your slice of paradise.

Il Rifugio Fractional Ownership property at Pinelli Estate

Il Rifugio - the retreat (sold out)
Casa Tramanto Fractional Ownership property at Pinelli Estate

Casa Tramonto - sunset house - the latest addition to Pinelli Residences